Our services are goal-oriented, supported by data, and conducted systematically to realize business value step by step. The services are categorized on the menu on the left above. Click on them to get more information about each service.

Fine tuning 

The pre-trained language models have been a game changer in natural language processing (NLP) and have made it possible to achieve state-of-the-art results on a variety of language tasks with limited resources.

LLM Agents

LLM Agents are advanced AI systems that use LLMs to understand and generate human language, in context and in a sophisticated manner. LLM Agents go beyond simple text generation.

Sales Forecasting

Within all supply chains lies the question of planning. The better we evaluate the future, the better we can prepare ourselves. The question of future uncertainty, how to reduce it, and how to protect yourself against this unknown has always been crucial for every supply chain.