In today’s business environment, the decisions often must be made in environments that are much more fraught with uncertainty. Here are a few examples.

  • A manufacturer introducing a new product into the marketplace. What will be the re-action of potential customers? How much should be produced? Should the product be test marketed in a small region before deciding upon full distribution? How much advertising is needed to launch the product successfully?
  • A financial firm investing in securities. Which are the market sectors and individual securities with the best prospects? Where is the economy headed? How about interest rates? How should these factors affect the investment decisions?
  • A government contractor bidding on a new contract. What will be the actual costs of the project? Which other companies might be bidding? What are their likely bids?
  • An agricultural firm selecting the mix of crops and livestock for the upcoming season. What will be the weather conditions? Where are prices headed? What will costs be?

Our decision optimization services represent a family of business optimization services that delivers prescriptive analytics to help you make better decisions and deliver improved business outcomes.  

The services starting with our skillful consultants help to construct the business objectives or business problem to a mathematical model, verify the model with mini-scope pilot run, then assemble and cascade the optimization model to a broader area, and deploy to your system landscape to support on-going optimization needs.  This deployment can be built with open-source solver to commercial powerful IBM ILOG solver, which can solve more tough challenges at a fast speed. Together with powerful tools and skills, we can help you to make a better decision by reducing the effort, time, and risks.

Optimization Process

The above diagram shows the overall process for decision optimization. To make it convenient to adopt this powerful scientific optimization, we have built more specific industrial solutions lists as the follows.

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