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EWOTA is a professional artificial intelligence (AI) solution services company. We assist organizations in effectively adopting and integrating AI technologies into their operations, products, or services.

Our professional consultancy aims to address the challenges and complexities associated with AI implementation and help businesses leverage AI to achieve the company’s goals and drive innovation. Our services can be categorized into the following areas:

  • Business forecasting: We using advanced algorithms to analyze historical and others data and patterns to predict future outcomes. This can be used for demand forecasting, energy demand forecasting, financial planning, and risk assessment, enabling businesses to make proactive decisions and optimize resource allocation. 
  • Decision optimization: We help to analyse business decision problems, convert decision problems into mathematical models, run the model with advanced mathematical solvers to come up with the best results. Enabling our clients to make data-driven decisions, increase success rate and reduces the potential risks.
  • Generative AI deployment: Our consultants use prompt engineering and fine-tuning two complementary processes in optimizing AI models for specific tasks or domains. While prompt engineering focuses on designing effective instructions or queries to get the desired outcomes for business, fine-tuning involves training the model on task-specific data to improve its performance.
  • AI business transformation: Our consultants work closely with the client to assess the organization's readiness for AI business transformation. This includes analyzing the business processes, data governance, and other key factors to align with the company's strategic objectives. From there, we develop the business architecture that serves as the business transformation baseline. We also identify and prioritize areas where digital and AI solutions can be implemented to accelerate the client's journey to be a more efficient and intelligent company.

As a company dedicated to AI solution services for business, we provide comprehensive support to our clients with our expertise and experience, helping them succeed in the rapidly evolving field of AI. Whether it's strategic planning, technical implementation, or personnel training, we are committed to offering tailored solutions to our clients, enabling them to achieve tangible business value and continuous innovation.

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