Our services help businesses to accelerate their journey to adopt new technologies into their applications, either cloud technology, or data science, or micro-additive manufacturing. We commit our best to deliver valuable and innovative in our service delivery.

IoT with Cloud Solution Design

The cloud computing and IoT have become two very closely affiliated future internet technologies with one providing the other with a platform for success. With our experienced know-how from industry practiced, by partnership with the AWS cloud platform, we provide turn-key solutions for end-users like facility IoT automation, smart energy management etc.

AI Optimization for Supply Chain

The COVIN-19 pandemic is reshaping the supply chain. Companies are facing new challenges. To overcome and rebuild your supply chain, starting from supply chain assessment, uncovering insights into your data, and using the power of our AI algorithm to start optimizing your supply chain. Click to see more (Chinese version Only)


您是否想了解您拥有哪些数据以及这些数据如何改善您的业务? 我们帮助您组织和系统化数据收集,以产生有用的、高质量的数据,并应用机器学习及AI等工具让这些数据产生更大的价值,例如预测,识别潜在高增长高利润的产品等,帮助您的业务以更高质量地发展, 点击了解更多我们的数据科学咨询服务...