Cloud IoT Solution Design

Cloud addresses the three key computing power: reliability, and connectivity requirements. And the IoT device makes the Cloud analysis results in feedback sensors...

Cloud computing enables users to perform computing tasks using services provided over the Internet. The use of the Internet of Things in conjunction with cloud technologies has become a kind of catalyst: the Internet of Things and cloud computing are now related to each other.

By enabling the IoT solution run on Cloud, There are many benefits and functions can get:

  • IoT Cloud Computing provides many connectivity options, implying large network access. People use a wide range of devices to gain access to cloud computing resources: mobile devices, tablets, laptops. This is convenient for users.
  • Developers can use IoT cloud computing on-demand. In other words, it is a web service accessed without special permission or any help. The only requirement is Internet access.
  • IoT device users may scale the service according to their needs. Fast and flexible means you can expand storage space, edit software settings, and work with the number of users. Due to this characteristic, it is possible to provide deep computing power and storage.
  • Cloud Computing implies the pooling of resources. It influences increased collaboration and builds close connections between users.
  • As the number of IoT devices and automation in use grows, security concerns emerge. Cloud solutions provide companies with reliable authentication and encryption protocols.
  • IoT cloud computing is convenient because you get exactly as much from the service as you pay. This means that costs vary depending on use: the provider measures your usage statistics. A growing network of objects with IP addresses is needed to connect to the Internet and exchange data between the components of the network.

It is important to note that cloud architecture must be well-designed since reliability, security, economy, and performance optimization depends upon it. Our solution services help you to address this requirements and help to enable solution in AWS cloud.

By moving the IoT solution into the AWS cloud, you can naturally enjoy cloud computing benefits:

  • No need to pre-guess infrastructure capacity needs
  • Saves money, because you only need to pay for those resources that you use, the larger the scale, the more savings
  • In a few minutes, platforms can be deployed around the world
  • Flexibility and speed in providing resources to developers

Also, the three key IOT requirements can be solved revolutionally:

  1. Computing power
  2. Reliability
  3. Connectivity

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