Data Analytics Service

Advanced data analytics can uncover insights and power your data, re imagine customer experiences, and transform your business to be smarter.

Data Analytics is to use the extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive model, and fact-based management to drive decisions and actions. Our services have fusion three technical domains and run with agile project way.

Math & Statistics

Math is the abstract science of numbers, quantity and space. Mathematics here applied to disciplines of business such as commercial and engineering.
Statistics is the science of collecting and analyzing numerical data in large quantities, especially for the purpose of inferring proportions as a whole from those in a representative sample.


Using data analysis program like Python, R language to build, training and fineture the business model.

Business Experts

The subject matter experts in business domain to develop the business modeling

Agile Project Management

The agile project management for data analytics case.
Our Data Analytics focus on business value of new technology adoption, it started with collection of target marketing data, new technology advantage etc.

Process steps

1.Organize: Know, believe and use your data to drive better decision-making process.

Enterprises or organizations have lots of semi-used or unused data. The data covers both structured and unstructured types. Structured data like log files, spreadsheets, and tables. Unstructured data like emails, documents and images. This data is typically stored in disconnected systems without application or visualization.
Ewota Analytics unified integration techniques transform your structure and unstructured data and help you preprocess it into customized format for further meaningful utility and delivery. It empowers you to know your data and make it available to every potential data user, to trust your data to deliver efficiency, and to use your data to drive business transformation and innovation.

2.Analyze: Leverage data science and analytics to understand the present, predict the future, and change the outcome.

Ewota Analytics data science techniques cover the complex network monitoring and analysis, predictive supervised learning, statistical factor analysis and recommendation system, which is a one-stop data mining and analysis platform. Boosted by Tencent Cloud platform, Ewota Analytics helps you understand your customers more and deeper, predict and find unknown pattern and extraordinary knowledge and make your business more intelligent.

Complex network monitoring and analysis strengthen the knowledge derived from social networks (Wechat public account, mini-program). Ewota Analytics data science platform provides service to detect long-term public opinions on Wechat and Weibo for enterprise business using our fully-operated network crawler. The complex network tool of Ewota Analytics conducts different algorithms to detect potential KOLs during business information spreading.

Predictive analytics brings together advanced analytics capabilities, spanning ad-hoc statistical analysis, predictive modeling, data mining, text analytics, optimization, real-time scoring and machine learning. These tools help organizations discover patterns in data and go beyond knowing what has happened to anticipating what is likely to happen next. Ewota Analytics helps build user profiling for organizations to predict user behaviours in the system.

Statistical factor analysis serves for business entities to understand their online promotion or marketing impacts in social networks and digital ads to save the cost and know their targeted customers.

3.Visualize: Strengthen visualization capacity to find unexpected and fast insights within business processes.

Ewota Analytics visualization enables interactive data visualization at various scales. Ewota Analytics ease the reporting difficulties in traditional BI and help organization to quickly find the insights behind the data. We support reporting or monitoring using different metrics and graphs according to your specification, changes over time, and provide real-time data report for management utility. BI for financial purpose helps automatic financial reporting generation.

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