Case - Seamless integrated the Online and Office business for Sports retail business growth

Case Study Mar 17, 2020


Escapade sports nearly have one million customer purchased since it started business ten years ago, either from conventional store or online shop, the number of SKUs also reach up to two hundred thousands, many of products already end of life in the market.
It is always challenge to find out top value customers with top value product category their favorite, also more difficult to give precision recommendation for cross selling products when customer purchasing, it purely rely on sales staff's memory and experience in conventional store.
Also like garment and shoes industry, the sports products have variable seasonal series with variable color and size range for customer ordering.

Escapade Sports Store


After study with Escapde team, we proposal a solution design that can help Escapde to integrated its retail and wholesales business into same operational platform, so that both operation and management team can get full visibility of onhand inventory, vendor stock inventory and the upcoming replacement order quantity.

Also Escapade has cumulated a long list customer record in past decade, there are good assets to customer, however it is very hard to remember retail customers buy behaviors unless very experience staff.The customer record need to centralize management and enrich the customer's profile data like purchase behavious, this can't be done by manual without digital system support. We design and develop customer model to enrich customer profile continuesly, with a 360-degree customer profile view panel, to immediately showing the key customer characters when performing the sales activities. Moving further step, we are going to introduce AI engine to do live recommendation assistant.


After enabled the solution by phase, the Escapade business got growth continually approciately two digits, the inventory turn over increase, the retail margin got improvement due to better cross-selling recommendation.