3D Micro Printing Service

3D Micro Printing Service

Power with 3D MicroPrint's Micro Laser Sintering technology and other advance technics like superfine metal powder,   the additive manufacturing has reached the micro metal parts into incredible accuracy, detail resolution and surface quality.

Benefits from 3D Micro Printing Service

  • Function-oriented design of parts
  • Combination and integration of multiple functions
  • Lightweight-design saves material
  • Print an assembly in one piece
  • Immediate manufacturing without additional tools
  • Fast time-to-market

Case study grabber

Grabbers or manipulators are used in numerous branches from medical technology to aerospace. Using conventional technologies such a grabber has to be assembled at least of four single pieces. The smaller the parts become, the more difficult the secure assembling of the tiny components is.

However with 3D Micro Printing service, we can:

  • CAD view pivot joint
  • Cost reduction by saving assembling – Functional module built at-once with Micro Laser Sintering technology

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